Jumpy Dudes

Help your fellow dudes escape prison. Catch them as they fall out of their cell windows and get them over the wall by moving the trampoline around.
The more dudes you rescue, the more score you get.


Frostman is a single-player game that mixes the best of endless arcade with platform gaming.
Help Frostman through never ending challanges by jumping, walking, swimming, shooting iceblocks, dodging enemy bullets in worlds that never ends.

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Quiz Rivals

Samla dina vänner och tävla i en utmanande frågesport tillsammans.

I Quiz Rivals kan man spela upp till fyra spelare samtidigt mot varandra.

Migio for Kids

Create games such as picture puzzles

Easy to use in education

Play with your kids


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'Jumpy Dudes', 'Frostman' and 'Quiz Rivals'
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'Migio for Kids
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